The Institute of Official Cheer
A Web Review by Jessi

This morning my husband sent me a link to an article on a website. The article was a review of The Art of Art Frahm. Interestingly, the message that accompanied the link in my email said, "I thought you’d like this." How right he was…but it’s sad as well. For the Art of Art Frahm is frighteningly WRONG. It’s hilarious, it’s mischievous, it’s that fifties-pop-culture-underground crap that I eat up like clarified butter on corn, but it’s also a series of art featuring the humiliation and subtle stalking of women! LOVE IT! I can’t love it enough! I want a book of this man’s art! I want a framed print on my wall…everything he does is fabulous.

This concise, entertaining and informative article was on a site called The Institute for Official Cheer, and I’d like to recommend it to all the APP readers. Now some of you are too young and too hip to appreciate things like "The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin", but give it a shot. It’s a smart site, with a dry, quiet wit, such as I would like to develop one day in all of my studies. The article on the History Of The Institute is amazingly funny, quoting against irony, saying,

"If a picture shows a woman who smiles, then she is happy! If a song is in a major key, then it is merry! If a man thrusts his fists into his pants pockets, then he means to grip his fecund orbs and manly lance! All things are as they seem. They wouldn’t sell trousers with a fly in front to a man with no penis, would they? It would be idiocy to suppose they did."

I haven’t read everything on the site yet, but that’s a testament to its greatness. I am RESERVING some articles for a rainy day…something the APP readers may want to take up if they find themselves getting all oogy when we miss an update.

The styling of this site is impeccable. I love the fifties. I love the fifties’ "big head cartoon commercial guy" which serves as the mascot for this fabulously colored and set up site. It made me sad actually, because this site illustrates perfectly how I try and feel about life, and then I go over to the illustrious APP and see that…we look really depressed. I think I’ll speak for Chris here and say WE’RE NOT DEPRESSED! We’re happy and fun…we just came up with a dark color

One of the slogans featured on The Institute of Official Cheer sums it all up perfectly…it sums up LIFE perfectly, and I think I’ll say it at the end of all of my conversations from here on out:


The Institute of Official Cheer



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