A Fun Zone
An Affiliate Review by Jessi

Hey all! Maybe you've noticed that the Free Arcade Link has been taken down from our site, and that's because their affiliate program was cancelled. Now, by all means, this is not a slight against them, but if they're not bringing in the big bucks…they can't be a part of the APP…where we deal in big money, big business.

So, to replace the mood of the Free Arcade, which, I stress, is still a fine site…we have joined forces with A Fun Zone…a place so huge and limitless in pages that you'd think it was a whole separate world unto itself.

Admittedly, not everything on this site is free (but who said it was? HUH? WHO CLAIMED IT?), and there is a lot of downloading for selected games, but the things that are free are a ton of fun! We've got free games, free jokes, free comic strips, free crossword puzzles. There are ENDLESS…and I mean ENDLESS links to fun sites, newsletters, other game sites…blah blah blah. Mailing list subscriptions, newsletter subscriptions, those zany joke of the day subscriptions…all neatly packaged for your perusal. Seriously, I spent a good fifteen minutes on this site just clicking around, looking at what it had. Plus, in one of my favorite features, you can select NON JAVA GAMES…which is what I have to do at home on my old Macintosh 6400. Of course there are also sponsor banners and their own affiliates, but they don't spend a whole lot of time BEGGING you to click on the sponsors…which I hate…oh…wait…

Anyway, if you're looking to kill some time between classes, or on your downtime at work, click on to

The Fun Zone
A free place full of fun stuff. Over 500 pages full of games, puzzles, newsletters, brain teasers, trivia, contests, free stuff and much much more. And best of all it's FREE!

And surf away.

But for God's sake don't bookmark it. If you're going to go there every day, go there via the APP!


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