by Chris McCaleb


I am about to reveal the first-ever "affiliate" link in APP.  What is an affiliate link? It's where we provide a link to another company's website, and they in turn pay us money - real money - for every one of you that clicks over there from our link.


Is this a shameless advertisement? No. Because, the fact is, I go to Free Arcade all the time. I go to play Javanoid (Breakout), Chess, and Othello. Also that pipe-connecting game that I can't remember the name of. It's cool. It's simple.


So, here is the link. If I have done this right, when you click here, the good folks at Free Arcade will note that you have come from the good folks at Absurd Pamphlet Press, and they will send us something like 1/8th of a penny.


100+ Free Online games

New games added each week!


(If I have NOT done it right, then Free Arcade gets free business, and we get... well, we get jack.)


Anyway, about the site. First of all, the name. Are you kidding? Just the words "free" and "arcade" next to one another implies more joy than I can stand! When I heard of such a site, I can tell you that I dropped what I was doing at that moment to connect. And while Free Arcade may not actually be more joy than you can stand, it's a really fun site for those of you who sometimes just want to play a SIMPLE VIDEOGAME without downloading a bunch of zip files forever.


If you're like me, you realize that simplicity has pretty much fled from the video game scene in the past ten years. Everything has to be the ultimate in 3-D, the ultimate in total immersion, the ultimate in hardware-upgrades! This site is a great antidote to that.


It has a lot of Java-recreations of classic video games, board games, card games, what the hell ever. I'm not as into their "classic" video games because they are basically just Java recreations of things like Donkey Kong or Pac-Man. Not the real thing. (Although Lunar Lander is good. But how are you going to screw THAT one up?) But that's not why I like the site - I like it for the simplicity and speed. I'm ALWAYS looking for a simple chess game to play online, without having to go into some stupid chat room or meet someone from Russia, and Free Arcade has it.


If the site has a down side, it is that it's chock full of Java. Even the main menu is fairly Javafied. But, amazingly, it still doesn’t take that long to load.


Check it out. Play a few games. Throw a few pennies our way, to defray the enormous costs of printing the Absurd Pamphlet Press.







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