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Review: Man On The Moon

Wow, a movie just as inscrutable as Andy Kaufman was.GO


Bob Tallmadge, Universal Assistant
Spaceships! Asteroids! Robots! Mysterious organizations! Tiger Women! It's all here!GO


A Guide to Debate

Disable your opponentís weak arguments, even if you donít know what they are. GO


The Irony Engine and Other Poems
Featuring "The Forgotten Menagerie" and the complete "Irony Engine."GO


The Gift From Space
They came from Space... bearing gifts. Gifts that we really didn't need.GO


The Guests That Were No Trouble
I review the most recent visit to my apartment by out of town guests. It was a tense two days.GO


The Shiny Rock Industry
I am pleased to report that western America's most important industry, the Shiny Rock industry, is doing quite well.  GO

A Modest Proposal: Neighborhoods ALIVE!
Hey, I have a good idea! Why not make it EVEN HARDER to park in the city of Chicago!The Proposal

A Modest Proposal: Southwest Airlines
Southwest, you will be interested to note that there was at least ONE INCH of wasted space between my leg and the seat in front of me!GO

My Haircut
My theory is, the lady must have been thinking about something else while she cut my hair.GO


Ameritech, and a Theory of Human Behavior
It's not a theory that I WANT to embrace. But they're forcing me to.GO

The Robots of Citibank
The war between Robots and Humans is already being waged, and Citibank is site of the first Robot's victory.GO


A Modest Proposal: Interactive Zoo Kiosks
Zoos of the World: Want to increase attendance by 1000%? Then this free proposal is for you.GO


The Water Moccasin Cycle
Featuring Reembowelled, Cary Grant Runs for His Life, and Having Dropped the Tack I Was Saving. GO



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