The Gripe

by Jessi


I’m the first to admit that a good 73% of my day is spent bitching about SOMETHING.  And I usually like to accompany the bitching with a good, vigorous eye roll and possibly a cluck of the tongue or something like an utterance of “chya!”  But nothing causes me more angst in this world than work and bad websites.  So imagine my joy when I found THE GRIPE…a forum for angry people like myself to take 5 minutes off of work and type something like this:


I hate it when my boss comes in and gives me a tape and says, “here’s a few letters for you to type.”  So I type the letters and he says, “Fine, send those by regular mail, then fax another copy, forward the file to me so I can email it and then call Susan and tell her to expect it’s arrival.”  SOMEONE in my office is missing the point of a lot of different technologies. 


It is simply that easy.  I pick an appropriate category (work, love, the web), I type the gripe, submit it with my email address (so fellow gripers can write me and say, YEAH), and that’s it.  It’s free, it’s cathartic and in what I feel to be the most important feature, it earns us money every time you go.


This site earns even more kudos from me because it lacks a lot of things I hate.  What are things I hate? 


1.      A lot of java

2.      A lot of crazy buttons and banners

3.      A lot of “images”

4.      A lot of Tarantino

5.      A lot of little shiny things that say, “THIS IS THE FUNNY ASS SITE OF THE MOMENT” or, “MEMBER OF THE FUNNY ASS WEBRING”


It’s not hard to see that this is a simply put together site, with a simple mission, a lot like the APP.  Now by no means am I telling you to reserve your bitching for the gripe!  Certainly, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that once you gripe there, please gripe here, because that’s what our letters column is ALL ABOUT.


So, follow this link, and purge your soul!  (But come right back here for more fabulous APP entertainment) is the website where you can let everyone

know how you really feel. Read the latest gripes or submit

your gripes about love, work, traffic, the web and more.






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