‘N Sync - No Strings Attached

A review by Jessi


What’s in the CD changer right now?


Stroke 9:  Nasty Little Thoughts

Die Krupps:  Rings of Steel

‘N Sync:  No Strings Attached


Sometimes, I sit back and wonder if the music industry is so cold and calculating that they actually strategically plan when soulful ballads will be released so that every prom, every wedding, every graduation will feature their song.


"This I Promise You" is one such song.  Even as I listened to this beautifully harmonized, wonderfully written piece of music for the first time, I could see an ocean of pink taffeta and tuxedos swaying back and forth to the crooning voice of Justin Timberlake.  But let’s not stop at the prom.  A song like this is also a PRIME Mix Tape Nugget for your steady boyfriend to chew on over the summer months.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.  As some of you music fans know, last fall ‘N Sync was embroiled in a legal battle to leave their scary, overweight, seemingly pedophilic manager and sign with Jive records to give themselves greater artistic freedom.  No Strings Attached is the result of that battle and I have to say:


Thank God they won.


No Strings Attached is a lot edgier than the debut CD ‘N Sync, but nothing venturing outside the realm of accessible pop.  The first single, Bye Bye Bye is a really nice indicator for the tone of the album, a little less sappy, a little more angst and a lot more grown up.  My favorite songs are the hard hitting dance tunes, No Strings Attached, It’s Gonna Be Me and Digital Get Down, the last of which is a pretty "adult" song about cyber sex and the trials of being horny on the road (I think).  There’s no doubt that ‘N Sync is trying desperately to "keep it street" judging by the miserable "Space Cowboy" collaboration with Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and the not-so-bad-but-not-great "It Makes Me Ill" which sounds a lot like a Destiny’s Child cover.  This songs only take minimal points away from the over all album feel, though, and you can just skip over them if you’re smart.


If I could complain about one thing it is that ONCE AGAIN, Lance Bass has gotten screwed in the solo department.  When will they let this boy sing?


People who are deadset against ever liking boy bands just on principle probably won’t change their minds with this release, but if you’re sitting on the fence, I urge you to give this sucker a scan…I think you’ll find it’s good for driving on the expressway when the sun is shining.


Overall Grade:  B+


Songs To Skip:  Just Got Paid, Bring In Da Noise, Space Cowboy


Songs To Play Six Times in Succession:  Bye, Bye, Bye,  No Strings Attached, It’s Gonna Be Me, This I Promise You






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