A Review of The Review of Our Logo

With a Counterpoint

by Jessi


Chris recently reviewed our site’s logo and it seemed to me that he was sort of down on it and also down on himself for the design.  I feel at this time that I must not only review his self deprecation, but also offer a counterpoint regarding our great great logo.  Chris’ words will be in italics. 


Really, I suppose it's not a logo at all. It's just some text with some crazy "emboss" filters applied to it in Photoshop. Is that enough? I'm not sure.


I guess at this point I have to remind Chris of the CBS logo which is just a circle inside a football shape inside a circle..a primitive eye…and how long has THAT lasted?  And what about ABC?  Three letters in a circle?  How many hours in a smoke filled room were spent coming up with that?  NBC is the only network that has a fun, crazy, multicolored peacock logo, and that network is going to hell in handbasket so quickly that the basket’s on fire from the friction.  Do I have to remind you of the APP charter?  The very reason we even started a website?


 You see, when we started this site, back in the dank basement of members.aol.com, we said that we were going to be different. There would be NO GRAPHICS on our website. We wanted no long download times. No webcounters*.   No frames within frames within frames. No pop-up ads. No I Belong to The Webring of Silly Websites crap. Just a site, with things we wrote, and a letter column.


AMEN, brother.  That’s exactly what we are?  See?  And a simple, bold, white title, slick, thick and standing out on the page is exactly what our site needs…that, and about 6,000 more readers.  You have the answer within you Chris, trust in yourself.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. 


The main failing of the APP Logo is that it does not look good against plain white. That means if we ever do T-shirts, they will have to be black, and that means they will be hot on sunny days


First of all, if we ever do t-shirts, they’re going to be green and yellow, our readers’ favorite colors.  Second of all, some of the coolest t-shirts in my current rotation are black, and I wear them in the hottest days of summer.  Most of our body heat escapes through our heads and feet, so if you wear some nice cut off shorts, sandals, a black t-shirt and no hat, you’ll stay cool.  It’s also good to sip a gin and tonic while enjoying the summer heat.


I'm going to give the logo - such as it is - a B for simplicity, but a D in portability. Who knows, maybe we'll change it around later on. I just don’t know!


The logo gets an A for simplicity.  Let me quote the Quakers here and say, “’Tis a gift to be simple, ‘tis a gift to be free”.  It also gets an A for its amazing ability to be recreated on notebook and binder covers throughout high schools with White Out.  You heard me kids.  The best advertisement is word of mouth.  Watch:


HighSchool Student:  Hey, who’s The Absurd Pamphlet Press?  Some phat new industrial metal rap pop ska reggae swing mambo band?


APP Reader:  Naw man, the APP is the SHIT! It’s ALL THAT.  Get on your browser and hit www.abpam.com for ALL your reading needs.  Peace out!


We here at APP encourage our readers to keep it street, and also real…so follow this script exactly when reliving this situation.


Finally…WE’RE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE LOGO.  IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT.  Until I have a big time investor telling me to change the logo in exchange for $100,000, the APP logo stays as is, and I say, all hail Chris for designing it.







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