A Review by Jessi


Iíll be the first to tell you that Iím scared to deathÖTO DEATH of aliens in any form.Perhaps youíve heard my rantings regarding E.T. and my firm belief that he should have been destroyed on sight.I donít like the X Files, I donít like Star Trek, and the only real science fiction that I know anything about is the Star Wars trilogy, because in those movies, some of the aliens are helpful, well dressed and down right cuddly.So Iím quite sure that Iím surprising a lot of people here when I say:This Roswell show (Wednesdays 9:00, 8:00 central on the WB) is really good!


Never mind that it didnít even start until four weeks after everyone elseís season premiere, thereís just something about finding a television drama that you can really delve into that makes the fall season so exciting.I have only one other show that I watch with such intensity, and thatís The Pretender, which, in my humble opinion, is the finest show on television outside of The Simpsons.


I think that the draw of Roswell is that it IS sort of a Dawsonís Creek situation, with overly aware and intelligent teenagers making logical statements that confound adults.I donít know where the hell these kids were when I was growing up in Rochester.I mean, my friends and I used to go buy a box of 40 powdered sugar Munchkins and throw them at people coming out of the opera, and we never talked like that.The public school system must have improved 40 fold since I was there.Of course, coupled with all this intense and creative dialogue is the sheer beauty of everyone on the show.I mean seriously, if aliens all look like Max, PUT ME DOWN FOR AN ABDUCTION PRONTO.Plus, each week we learn some new power that these alien teens have, and thatís always a light comedic moment.So, what have we got so far, beauty, brains, sense of humor, a government alien conspiracy cover up and of course, the big mama of them all, sexual tension.As many of you know, sexual tension is my favorite film/television/book device, and this show plays it to the hilt.Max (head alien) tells Liz (human liason) in the very first episode that he digs her the most but that it wouldnít be safe for the two of them to be together.When Liz asks him why he revealed his alien nature to save her life, he simply answers,

ďBecause it was you.ĒI donít think Iíve ever sighed so hard.So we not only have the tension factor, but the danger factor as well.Letís hope this show takes a lesson from Moonlighting and doesnít ruin it by getting them together too quickly.


Itís sort of amazing that I like this show because in addition to fearing aliens in any form, I also hate teenage WB shows in any form.I donít like Buffy, Dawsonís Creek, or the Fox equivalent, Party of Five.All I can say is that Roswell has that sort of ďweird small townĒ Twin Peaks-ish feel, that makes me want to watch every week.Of course, Iíve only seen 3 episodes, and one of them was under the influence of Valium, so I canít proclaim perfection.Still, overall, I give Roswell a:







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