A Review by Jessica McCartney

Before we begin I will tell you that the three CDs currently in my stereo are:

Duran Duran Greatest
Rammstein Herzeleid
Depeche Mode 101 Disk A

Now, on with the review.  Remember Enigma?  How cool they were because they used ancient chanting and stuff to make cool music to have sex by?  Well, V.A.S.T. is forty times cooler, and it uses more than just ancient Gregorian chants.  It has great samples from all over the globe that support equally good, original music.  While a great deal of the lyrical content is depressing if not downright stereotypically controversial (note the song I'm Dying, which, in it's desperate attempt to be an envelope pusher, becomes silly and not controversial at all), some songs stand out as frighteningly original.  My personal favorites are Pretty When You Cry, which brings up the sexual power issues that I love so much, and Temptation, a hard rocking tune reminiscent of Depeche Mode's I Feel You.  If you've ever listened to standard top 40ish techno and wished that is was just a tad harder, or listened to metal and wished it was just a little more electronic and danceable, or if you just like sexy, highly produced, electronica/techno, I'm pretty sure V.A.S.T. is for you. 

How many songs worth rewinding and listening to six times:  4

How many songs do you fast forward through:  2

Is it in my car: YES