The Xpertsite
    An Affiliate Review by Jessi

    I'm not going to lie to you. I love this site. I can see myself spending a minimum of three hours a day at this site. It's fabulous in every way, and from what I've seen so far…it's totally free. YOU HEARD ME. It's TOTALLY FREE. The best part about it is that if I WERE to actually spend half my work day at Xpertsite, I wouldn't be spending three hours doing stupid things like playing Reversi ::cough cough::, I'd be spending three hours LEARNING.

    The Xpertsite is an amazing little network of ordinary people that ask and answer questions in any number of fields. Not only can you go and ask questions, like I originally did, you can go and become and expert yourself! You can register a user name and password and fill out a little form about what you're an expert in. THEN, when people have questions for you, you get an email letting you know.

    In just a few sample searches I did, I found experts in Beagles, Homeopathy, Party Planning and Ferret Care. Just imagine the possibilities. Surely some of you out there are experts at something? Why not use that power for good?

    PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE…and as a big time affiliate…PEOPLE HELPING APP stay on the air. connects people with questions to people with
answers on every topic imaginable. Since everyone is an expert on
something, we've created a place where everyone can share their
knowledge on subjects like relationships, pets, diet, and football


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