The Ixthia Club
An adventure so surreal it'll make David Lynch's head spin.

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Bob Tallmadge, Universal Assistant
Spaceships! Asteroids! Robots! Mysterious organizations! Tiger Women! It's all here in this exciting science-fiction serial! Let's go!

The Voice: A Short Screenplay
Sometimes the voices you're hearing are just making a mistake. Hey -- just because they're disembodied voices doesn't make them infallible! The Voice.

Incident at the International Dateline
A vessel and its mysterious cargo are detained at the Dateline in this EPIC fantasy tale. The Incident

The Unprofessional Actress
She's no ass-kisser, and that makes her... a rebel.

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The Gift From Space
They came from Space... bearing gifts. Gifts that we really didn't need.

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The Bitch
One woman's journey into gaining... and losing a faithful friend. Featuring I Wish I Had A Bitch, I'm Tired Of Being A Mistress, and I Miss My Bitch.

The Long-Delay
Boomerang Company, Inc.
A cautionary tale about the importance of included instructions, told in the form of several correspondences. GO

A Short, Pointless Sci-Fi Screenplay
Sometimes the best way to make a comment on a  popular film is to write a short, more entertaining parody of that film. Not that I'm naming any names. GO


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